Comic Lettering Service

Comic lettering is often overlooked as part of the comic book creation process that can be skimped on to save a bit of money. This, my comic creating friends, is a bad move. Letterers make it betterers!

A professional letterer can make a huge difference to a comic, elevating a comic book from good to excellent and can encourage the reader engage with the story and buy in to your characters. Lettering is a skill, and like all skills it can be mastered. Lettering has rules, and like all rules you have to know when to solidly stick to them and when to break them for the benefit of the story-telling.

Just as a pro-lettered comic can bestow awesome on your end product, a badly lettered comic sticks out like a sore thumb and screams ‘amateur’. Those who work in the comic industry can spot a badly lettered comic immediately. If you plan on submitting your comic to publishers, you simply must have it lettered by someone who understands the power of lettering.

Take a look at our comic lettering samples.